s2000 Weighted CF Countersunk Shift Knob

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  • $399.00

s2000 have one of the best OEM manual gear boxes on the market!  No need to do a short shift kit however we offer this beautiful hand crafted Weighted Countersunk shift knob which really improves shift feel!

Each one is bespoke and hand made using a weighted metal core and then finished in gloss carbon fiber.  This is a direct screw-on replacement that does NOT require adapter or additional nuts to secure.

By countersinking the threads, the shift knob sits quite a bit lower than stock.  No more need to run the stock lock nut.  This shift knob is made to replace the stock shift knob and has a unique shape to fit around the shift boot so there is no visible gap.  Each one is made with our beautiful carbon fiber finish and protected by a UV resistant clear coat.


Custom finishes and logos are availably by special request!