1st Gen NSX Dash Audio Upgrade Complete Package #3

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 The NSX is one of the best finely crafted machines on the planet with an awesome engine and chassis combination.  We own and love this car as much as you do but when it comes to the interior audio setup, this car lacks in many ways since this is as 90's car.

The factory cassette player is not really usable and if you want to add a stereo, in the past that means you have to CUT the factory dash panel and never go back to stock again.


Here at EuroBoutique we realize the NSX is a classic car and must be well preserved for future generations.  What we came up with is 3 different interior audio upgrade packages to give your NSX modern connectivity and still be able to go back to stock if the need arises.

You get everything included from Package #1 + #2

  1. EuroBoutique Carbon Fiber Double Dash panel with ashtray delete
  2. Double DIN radio
  3. Dash bracket and harness 
  4. EuroBoutique Carbon Fiber Power Window Trims
  5. EuroBoutique Carbon Fiber Center Vent Clock Trim


  1. JL Audio XD400/4 Digital Power Amplifier
  2. Hertz Mille Pro MPK165 Co-Ax Speakers
  3. Door Speaker Adapter Panels
  4. Sound Insulation Sheets
  5. Power Amplifier Wiring Kit

Each of these parts have been carefully picked out for a simple clean installation and adding the power window and center vent clock trim means you have the complete 4-piece dash trim kit to replace all your old peeling plastic trims.

Our award winning full carbon fiber dash panel which allows a Double DIN radio to be a simple plug and play setup.  We have many videos on our Youtube channel but here's a 3rd party review of the product:


You get your choice of the Alpine ILX-507 or Sony AX5500 Double DIN radio unit, both have been extensively tested here at our shop and we guarantee it's fitment and performance!

You also get the dash installation bracket and harness so everything you need to install the radio is included in this package!

here's an example of a NSX getting this exact setup hooked up to the OEM factory speakers and subwoofer:



Links to help you install each part is documented on our Youtube channel:


Power window trims:



Center Vent Click trim:



Dash Panel:


For any questions please shoot us an email and we would be happy to customize the quote to fit your needs!