1st gen NSX Custom Footwell Subwoofer Box for a Single JL Audio 6W3

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We have been quietly building these sub boxes for many years now for our most discerning NSX owners and thought we'd share what we have done.  In the past we had a 8" woofer and it was a good solution however it was not deep enough as we have liked.  Our newest box saves 4.5" from the old solution!!!!  See pictures with the blue tape shows the old box and new box position.

See the youtube video here of the box:



Our demo NSX gets upgraded to this box and the sound and space savings is DRAMATIC:



The biggest reason we designed this new box with the 6" woofer is because of the space savings and quick removal feature.  We wanted this box to work with all model year NSX with ZERO carpet cutting or having to relocate the ECU module found on certain model years.  You simply remove your old subwoofer unit and replace with this one.

Our design allows the subwoofers to be tucked safely very deep inside the footwell as to not intrude on passenger space.  Also there is NO DRILLING to hold it in place.  If you want to go to a track day, simply unplug it and remove it.  

More information on our NSXPrime Vendor thread here:



If you want the BEST Subwoofer box, Plug / Play with zero headaches this is it!   The enclosure sounds amazing too as the JL Audio 6W3 woofer we recommend is one of the most robust legendary subs out there.


The benefits of this box:

a) ZERO drilling, No carpet cut!  The box is designed to stay put in the footwell with no holes drilled or screws

b) Utilizing a single robust JL Audio 6W3 subs give you MAX bass with the least amount of space (Woofer not included in the price but we can provide if needed)

c) Very trick custom look that is both super clean and functional with super tight BASS


Please note these are not cheap boxes that are mass produced.  Each box is hand built to order so please allow for 5-7 weeks lead time.  If you need it right away, call us sometimes we have one in stock but no guarantee so please ask first.  This link is to purchase the BOX ONLY but if you need us to provide the subwoofer please ask since we would need to check availability first.