Repair Headlight Bounce Issue (2002-2005 NSX)

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For the 2002 - 2005 Acura NSX, the stock headlights have internal plastic parts that wear down over time.  The plastic bushings deteriorate from daily wear and tear and eventually the projects develop this "bounce" problem where it is too loose with play.

We offer this as a service for you to send us your headlights for repair and upgrade.  We will carefully open your existing stock headlights and replace the plastic bushings with higher quality pieces to restore the factory firm projectors that will not bounce when your car sustains any bumps.

Another option if you do not wish to send us your headlights due to down time, we do offer brand new Acura headlight housings to start with so we can do the upgrade on the new set here and ship a completed set to you.  Please email us for this service (