NSX Carbon Fiber OEM Window Door Trims Set (driver / passenger)

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NSX CF power window trim kit is for the two pieces of trim that surrounds your power window and door vents.  Each set comes with left and right pieces.  Each piece is extremely well crafted from a stock part by hand for a perfect fit.   Customer can choose to use our core exchange program or send us your stock pieces for the carbon overlay process.These pieces are precision crafted from OEM door trims with carbon fiber laid on top and polished UV clear coat to fit your OEM NSX door trim vents. These are direct eplacements for your stock pieces.  

PLEASE NOTE the Vents, Switches and other parts that attach to the vents are not included.

We also offer matching center console and center vent trim as well as a carbon fiber OEM steering wheel.  Please email us for details or if you have more questions!


This product needs a 1:1 core exchange.  Parts are made from OEM part with Carbon Fiber refinished over the existing stock part.  We will need your stock part back when we ship you the product.  Questions feel free to email (euroboutique.us@gmail.com)

*Please note the trim pieces do NOT include the vents or electronics, you will swap those over from your existing car!