NSX 100% full Carbon Fiber Driver Side Knee Bolster Replacement

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  • $649.00

We now offer a full 100% carbon fiber Knee Bolster replacement. This piece will be full carbon fiber with a Gloss carbon finish. We plan to reinforce all the weak points on the stock part so this will be a direct replacement for the stock piece.

Keep your OEM part in safe storage for future resale value.  The OEM leather will fail eventually so best to keep it tucked away.

Almost every NSX we've encountered has this part either broken or in need of repair so this is a part that will be a perfect match to our NSX CF glove box and other parts.  Weights less than stock but much stronger than the stock part! 

No core exchange needed, 100% carbon fiber!  These pieces are built to order so please allow adequate lead time of 6-8 weeks if not in stock.

DIY video showing how to install the part here:



We also offer matching center console and center vent trim as well as a carbon fiber OEM steering wheel.  Please email us for details or if you have more questions!