NSX Adapter Kit to Install s2000 Steering Wheel

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We build custom steering wheels for the s2000 and NSX so there are plenty of options for both cars.   If you are considering this upgrade you might as well get a thicker grip steering wheel too.
For NSX owners, it's very popular to install an s2000 steering wheel onto the NSX.  To make this happen we offer a complete kit or individual parts to help make the process easier.  Our adapter kit will include the required billet adapter as well as the short hub needed to install a Honda s2000 OEM wheel onto the NSX. 
We sell the parts as a kit to give you a turn-key package or we can sell individual components as needed.
This requires professional installation so please consult a local shop for installation.  Other parts needed which are NOT included in this kit is the s2000 OEM Airbag and actual s2000 steering wheel plus cruise control  If you need these parts, please email us and we can discuss a package deal to suit your exact needs at Euroboutique.us@gmail.com