Carbon Fiber Minimalist Wallet with detachable CF Money Clip

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  • This is a modular carbon fiber money clip and card storage wallet.  Use them together or split them apart. 
  • Different from all other CF wallets, this is a minimalist wallet intended for the cash heavy user.  The slim design allows it to fit comfortably in the user's front or back pocket.  Moreover, the wallet can split into two components: the money clip and the card sleeve.  This allows the user to carry cards in their back pocket and cash in their front pocket or both in the same pocket.
     Carbon fiber wallet size  4.1 x 2.9 inches
     Carbon Fiber Wallet Cards  Holds 2 Credit Cards
     Carbon Fiber Wallet Cash  Extra Cash Storage
     Carbon Fiber Wallet Interior Color Options  Interior Color options include: Black, Red, Blue
     Modular Design  Modular Design
     Real Carbon Fiber  Real Twill Carbon Fiber
     Ripstop Nylon  Ripstop Nylon Interior
     Made in America  Made in America
     Limited Lifetime Warranty  Limited Lifetime Warranty