2017-2020 NSX 100% Carbon Fiber Interior Door Handles Replacement

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Give your NC1 2017-2020 NSX interior an exotic look with our direct replacemewnt 100% carbon fiber interior door handles!   Each piece is carefully hand-crafted for a perfect fitment in any NSX.

This is a custom bespoke product we offer by default in gloss carbon finish.  This  replaces each large silver interior trim on the inside of the NSX.  Each piece is finished in beautiful clear coat wit UV protection. 

By special request we do offer this in Matte finish for a small extra fee.

Questions please ask!


Our plan is to release the interior trim pieces in 3 stages: 

Stage 1: Release the pair of door trims in full gloss carbon fiber (matte is an option) so the two door trims can be replaced rather easily

Stage 2: Develop the center stack trim piece where all the buttons are located

Stage 3: Develop the dash trims that surround the radio and the driver / passenger vents (these are the most difficult pieces to make) and require significant disassembly


There is no core exchange needed so you can keep your stock handles.


Please Subscribe to our YouTube channel, we will be releasing a DIY video on how to install these easily with hand tools.