Tesla Model Y Rear Diffuser in Black Plastic Finish

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  • $389.00

Give your Tesla Model Y rear end a super clean more aggressive look.  Each rear diffuser has been carefully designed to complement the factory Tesla rear bumper.  The diffuser is all one piece and ready to be mounted and installed.

We recommend professional installation if you are not familiar or have the necessary tools. The diffuser comes in black plastic and can be used as is or "wrapped" or "painted" as each owner wants!


***Please be aware this piece covers the rear tow hook access point so it will NOT work with any rear hitch attachment***

Each rear diffuser comes with a RED LED to act as a 3rd Brake Light so people following you will notice you more.  Diffuser can be used with or without the light hooked up.  

***Please note the LED 3rd brake light may or may not be legal in your area so please check before installing***


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