s2000 Flat Bottom Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel

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  • $1,495.00

Custom s2000 carbon fiber top/bottom steering wheel gives owners our signature thicker grip with more aggressive thumb grips at the 3 and 9’clock positions.  Owners have the choice of using our rich high grade leather, alcantara or perforated leather for the side grips.  Owners can also select the contrast stitching color and stripe.  The flat bottom gives owners added leg room and just feels amazing in your hands.  This wheel is built to exact standards to give the s2000 world class grip feeling that should have come from the factory.  Thickness is similar to high end sports cars such as the M3.


Note: A core fee is charged separately at time of shipment.  If we receive your stock wheel back within 30 days of receipt we will credit you the core fee.  If you decide to keep the stock wheel do nothing and we will keep the core fee.  Any questions please ask – this core exchange program allows you to get the new wheel first with no down time.