NSX OEM FRP Double Din Center Dash Panel Retains Ashtray (1991-2005 NSX)

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NSX FRP Double Din angled dash piece retains the OEM ashtray assembly.  Comes ready to paint!  Our design employs a slight build-out on the top part of the dash panel giving some slight glare reduction in the angle of the deck being mounted in relation to the dash panel.  The stock angle is very extreme and renders the display pretty much useless during the daytime.  Each DD dash piece is carefully hand crafted for a perfect fitment in any model year NSX.  These are direct replacement dash panels built from scratch and ALLOWS OWNERS TO RETAIN THEIR STOCK PIECES!   Any questions please ask first prior to ordering.

We also offer matching door trim pieces and a center vent piece to match the dash trim if desired.  All of these pieces can be purchased separately or together as as set.  Please email us for details and pricing:

***Please note to make this dash panel fit some foam needs to be trimmed out in the lower inner portion of the dash for the double din radio to clear.  Also due to manufacturer design variations on double din decks, certain models need to be fitted to the opening with sanding.  If you are unfamiliar with this work we suggest you find an experienced local stereo shop.