NSX OEM Custom Modified Double DIN Dash Panel SERVICE UPGRADE (1991-2005 NSX)

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This is the service we offer to modify your stock aging OEM stock panel to give it a new lease on life.  We have been offering this SERVICE for many years to local NSX owners and now offering this service worldwide!

The way this process works is we can either offer a loaner stock Core panel to do the work first or each customer can send us their panel for the modification work.  Cracks, peeling and other issues typically found on stock panels are no problem as we can repair most damages.  

*PLEASE email us a few photos of your stock panel and we will discuss at Euroboutique.us@gmail.com*


This service offers a few options for each customer as every NSX owner has different needs and preferences:

a) Modify OEM dash panel for Double DIN, retain stock ashtray

b) Modify OEM dash panel for Double DIN, delete stock ashtray, flush mount radio 

c) Modify OEM dash panel for Double DIN, no ashtray, recess DD for glare reduction


All 3 choices above will be finished in a mate black painted finish so customers can paint match to their original dash color.  We do not offer custom paint options at this time.  Or simply chose to get the panel finished in our awesome carbon fiber finish and not have to worry about painting!  CF finish is extra cost, please contact us first if you need a quote.

We also offer matching door trim pieces and a center vent piece to match the dash trim if desired.  All of these pieces can be purchased separately or together as as set.  Please email us for details and pricing.

***Please note to make this dash panel fit some foam needs to be trimmed out in the lower inner portion of the dash for the double din radio to clear.  Also due to manufacturer design variations on double din decks, certain models need to be fitted to the opening with sanding.  If you are unfamiliar with this work we suggest you find an experienced local stereo shop.