Kline Innovation F1 Carbon Fiber Race Wing for the 992 GT3

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Stylistically modeled on the GT3RS wing. 

Made from F1 grade pre-preg carbon fiber, autoclave cured, in CNC designed and machined moulds for absolute precision!

The wing has been tested using Computational Fluid Dynamcs, and will produce 1000n, or 100kg at 200kmph, in its middle setting.

It has two additional setting for increase or decreased downforce. For comparison, the stock wing produces 600n or 60kg, at 200kmph.

We absolutely don't like the look of carbon in a thick coat of laquer. Our carbon comes in a superior gloss polished finish, showing off the beauty of the weave, without masking it behind a coat of laquer, this is how koeniggsegg delivers carbon. We are able to do this purely because of our advanced motorsport grade manufacture process!

This wing is part of a greater aero package, being developed in house by Kline Innovation, which will later include motorsport styled splitter, sideskirt, diffuser, as well as other engine covers and parts.



F1 Grade Pre-Preg Carbon Fiber


4 Kg

PLEASE NOTE if you want to get the RS height risers, please add $1680 USD