Kline Innovation Exhaust for 992 Porsche GT3

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  • $5,895.00

We offer this rear exhaust section only in Stainless Steel as shown.  The price shown is for the exhaust in SS by itself.

There are many options for this piece including the optional ICONEL material for added weight savings!  

More options include providing the optional headers and high flow cats along with the remote valve controller.  Please contact us for actual price quote.

The Porsche 992 GT3, the latest in the line of track orientated 911's. with its 4 liter flat 6 boxer engine producing 503hp at 8400 rpm, and its new aluminum  and steel chassis, this is a supercar but the exhaust however, stifled by manufacturing sound and emission restrictions, could do with a little sonic makeover.

The Sound

The first aspect of the stock exhaust that really holds the sound back, is the 600 cpsi catalysts, and OPF filter, removal of these, and the addition of HJS high flow race catalysts, or our long tube header with decat design, opens the sound up significantly. the gases then pass through one of two transits in the silencer section. On valve open the transit is completely free flow for maximum sound, on valve closed, the gasses pass through our harmonically tuned silencer to remove cruising drone. Addition of our signature tight radius x pipe raises the pitch of the exhaust significantly into a raucous, yet beautiful high pitched scream, without causing any restriction to the gas transit. The material Inconel 625 also has a unique sound, further enhancing the natural characteristic sound of the Kline system. The sidewall is very thin, and resonates to produce an even higher pitched scream at high revs.


The largest performance gain comes from replacing the catalysts and OPF filter in the stock headers. The Kline headers and silencer section are designed to work in conjunction with each other for optimum performance and sound. The Kline system and headers are available in 2 options, 100 cpsi catalysts producing a largest gain of 25 hp and 32nm, or decat long tube headers producing a largest gain of 31hp and 38nm




Rear silencer section

Available in: 304 grade stainless, 16 Kg
F1 grade Inconel 625 superalloy, 9 Kg (light)

Carbon tips or Stainless steel tips included in price.

100/200cell Manifolds
Available in 304 grade stainless, weight TBC
F1 grade Inconel 625 superalloy, weight 4 Kg each

DECAT Manifolds
available in 304 grade stainless, weight TBC
F1 grade Inconel 625 superalloy, weight TBC


The Kline Inconel Button allows you to take full control of your valve-tronic Kline exhaust. Stylishly and elegantly designed, with an ethos of standing out, and being different from our competitors. We wanted to create something unique and beautiful, that would easily integrate into the car.

Simply push the button to open the valves, push again to close the valves. The button itself pushes neatly into your cars cigarette lighter, with a light click, and can be removed anytime just by pulling the button out of your cigarette lighter.

The radio receiver sits neatly in the engine bay, ready to receive wireless commands from the Inconel Button.

Simply push the button for permanent valve open, second push is dynamic mode.