Honda S2000 Custom Fiberglass Triple 6" Subwoofer Box for Driver Side

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We have been quietly building these sub boxes for many years now for our most discerning s2000 owners and thought we'd share what we have done. 

We will release a Youtube video on this subwoofer setup DIY later this month so if you want to see, consider subscribing here:

The biggest reason we started building these was because of the space savings and quick removal feature.  We designed this box to NOT intrude into the middle section where the tool kit is located for one big reason:  IF YOU EVER GET A FLAT TIRE, THAT IS THE SPOT TO STORE THE DAMAGED WHEEL!   Thus if you have a large subwoofer there then your passenger will be carrying the damaged wheel....

Our design allows the subwoofers to be tucked safely to the left side of the car.  It hits like a single larger 12" driver but doesn't take up a huge amount of space.  Also there is NO DRILLING to hold it in place.  If you want to go to a track day, simply unplug it and remove it.  The design is held in place by a trick feature.

We designed this for our own shop demo s2000's and countless owners have asked us to build one for them. Let us first say if you are looking for a cheap solution to get more bass, this is NOT the right option. As with anything hand made to order, it is quite a bit of labor and with the cost of JL Audio products going up in cost, buying 3 woofers is not cost effective. However if you want the BEST bass without sacrificing trunk space, we think you'd be hard pressed to find another option!

The benefits of this box:

a) ZERO drilling, the box is designed to stay put in the corner with no holes drilled or screws

b) Utilizing triple JL Audio 6W3 subs give you MAX bass with the least amount of space

c) Three 6" woofers roughly equal the same bass output as a single 12" woofer and in a smaller footprint

d) By not using the tool storage space you maintain that crucial space if you ever get flat tire, that space is meant to store the damaged wheel/tire

e) You gain extra trunk space and in a jam, you can remove the box by just sliding it out and you have your trunk space back

f) Very trick custom look that is both super clean and functional with super tight BASS

Drawbacks for this design is mainly cost. It's much cheaper to buy a single 10" or 12" subwoofer compared to buying x3 6W3 woofer.  However if you want the best, this is a great option. 


Please note these are not cheap boxes that are mass produced.  Each box is hand built to order so please allow for 5-7 weeks lead time.  If you need it right away, call us sometimes we have one in stock but no guarantee so please ask first.