NSX LEVEL 1 LED DRL with Dual Color LED Installed in OEM Smoked Bumper Lenses

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  • $1,095.00

We are now offering a special DUAL STAGE LEVEL 1 LED ver.2 lighting system. It acts as a DRL in normal driving mode with 6000k white light.

This system takes our award winning LED DRL system and we integrate it into the OEM Acura bumper lenses on the 91-2001 NSX.  We then smoke the lenses for a very professional look.  Each light is hidden inside the OEM bumper lenses so everything looks stock till you activate the lights!

Studies have shown that Daytime running lights help other driver’s notice your car especially in daytime when certain colors of the car can blend into the horizon. This helps people see your car and increases safety factor. In Canada it’s required by law and in the USA most modern cars have some sort of LED DRL system.

Each set includes 2 ballast, 2 light bars, wiring harness and instructions. The lights will come with 3M super strong double sided tape for a simple installation with no drilling. We do include extra metal brackets if you wish to secure them as well.


Price INCLUDES brand new Acura OEM Bumper lenses, if you wish to send us your existing ones for the modification work please EMAIL US FIRST!