Carbon Fiber Privacy Snap and Go Plate Concealer

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Our privacy Snap/Go plate concealer is the simple solution to cover your plate at car shows, events, or while parked even!

Each frame is laser cut in the same high quality carbon fiber found on our other products!  The weave is perfect and looks amazing on any car or truck!  The perfect carbon finish will accent all cars for an exotic finished look.  

Why bother to carry tools to remove your license plate each time when you can just stick this over your existing plates.  We designed the size to fully cover not only our license plate but also the frame so the size is perfectly made!

***Please note this plate concealer is only meant to be used while the vehicle is PARKED and stationary at car shows!!!  We designed this to make it easy for people to photograph your car without having to photoshop it out later.  Please note the car cannot be driven with this attached or it will fall off!   Off road use only***