2017-2022 NC1 NSX Upgraded Carbon Fiber Paddle Shift Levers

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2017+ NSX OEM CF steering wheel paddles ~ this is a very popular product for NSX owners as it gives many benefits and no drawbacks.

Each pair is carefully hand-crafted bespoke items built from OEM paddles. This means OEM fitment, no cutting, sanding or other issues. Just remove your old paddles with 2 Philips screws and swap these onto the car. DIRECT SWAP, easily installed at home or any dealer can help you put these one.

IMMEDIATE improvement in both feel and engagement!

- Longer paddles mean easier gear shifts
- Premium quality Carbon Fiber gives a nice tactile feel
- Reach for the shifter from the top or bottom
- Precise "click" with each upshift or downshift
- Improved look in matte or gloss carbon to make your car stand out
- Team it up with our thicker meaty grip steering wheel for the ultimate center piece for your NSX

This is a custom bespoke product that can be tailored to fit your exact style and specs. Perfect match to our upgraded Carbon Fiber steering wheel upgrade, check our other products for the 2017+ NSX

As with many exotics currently on the market such as the Huracan - the paddles are an important and integral part of the overall driving experience. The stock paddles are too small on the NSX. These paddles are longer for easier gear changes and at the same time gives each shift a more precise feel. Easy win / win with this upgrade!


***Product requires a Core exchange that will be charged separately at the time product is ready to ship.  Please contact us for the exact core fee amount.  The core fee is fully refundable if we receive your stock part(s) back within 30-days of receipt of your order. If you wish to buy the product outright, the core fee will be added to your purchase price.***