2017-2022 NC1 NSX Carbon Fiber LARGE Dash Replacement (2 pieces)

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Give your NC1 2017-2020 NSX interior a more modern exotic look with our direct replacement 2-piece large dash panels.  Each piece is carefully hand-crafted from OEM ACURA parts for a direct swap onto the car.  To hear and see how this works please see our video here:



Each set of these dash panels are special order and built to each owner's specific requests.  Please allow for adequate lead times as this is not a stock item.  We can finish the dash panels in both Gloss or Matte finish based on the owner's request.  Since the NC1 NSX from the factory has both Matte and Gloss CF parts, it's up to each owner to decide how they want to match things up. 


We also offer the ability to DELETE the Start button from the factory location and move it to the center stack.  This is a very special request so please email us and we can discuss further if you wish to do this.  (see video below)


Questions please ask and we'd be happy to offer advice or check our Youtube channel below for tons of videos.  Team this dash panel setup with our full carbon fiber door handles, power window trims, center trim, and Bespoke Steering wheel + CF extended paddles to complete your FULL INTERIOR!


Please Subscribe to our YouTube channel, click here to see how to the Matte CF Dash setup looks on this 2022 Blue Type-S:



Gloss setup on this Valencia red:


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***Please note this part requires a 1:1 core Exchange meaning we would need your OEM Acura dash panels back as part of the deal.  If you wish to buy outright, please let us know since we will need to add the cost of the OEM parts to the total bill***